As a foundation, an investment fund or a member of a club, you could consider supporting KeNAAM’s activities.

Here are the Opportunities:paypal

Why collaborate with KeNAAM

By teaming up with KeNAAM, you have a unique opportunity to meet, work and learn from diverse organizations working to implement malaria and maternal related projects. This interaction allows your organization to draw strength from experiencing the grass root needs and tailor making products that suit specific environments.

KeNAAM will purpose to identify a project or topic that matches your requirements and provide you with regular updates on the project’s progress. In all this we ensure to observe your organization’s legacy with the communities you extend a helping hand.

Edward Mwangi
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Donate to one of KeNAAM activities

  • National Malaria Walk on 5th October 2013

Adopt a project

You can think about making a contribution towards a certain course. KeNAAM will gladly identify an activity that suits your interest and update you regularly on the implementation process.