With Your Organization                                     

Organizations are most welcome to join us in reducing maternal  mortality  and child morbidity through the provision of integrated services. Through your contributions and in line with fulfilling your CSR ambitions,

you can help us develop and implement impactful solutions for ‘A malaria free Kenya’.
Please contact our project officer to learn more.

Explore the opportunities…..                                                    

Investing in KeNAAM is saving children lives.

Malaria and diarrheal disease are among the leading children killer in Kenya. Apart from averting needless deaths, you will also improve your company’s image. This is by demonstrating to your audiences that your organization cares.

Marketing research shows that successful brands are those that

commit themselves to charities. In addition to creating a forum   for your staff to get involved in CSR, you will also achieve brand visibility.

These are the possibilities:

  • Donate to one of our activities
  • Become a partner of KeNAAM
  • Link your product to KeNAAM
  • Show others that you support KeNAAM
  • Join KeNAAM’s thought process

Make a donation as an Organization to one of our Activities

You can choose one of KeNAAM’s activities or projects

KeNAAM works to reduce maternal mortality and child morbidity through the provision of integrated services

KeNAAM seeks to influence an enabling malaria and health sector policy environment, through policy advocacy & knowledge management systems.

KeNAAM works to strengthen Community Health Systems in order to improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities through innovative systems.

KeNAAM supports the formation of community health units in Kuria East and West in order to increase access to health care.

KeNAAM fights malaria by empowering to Community Health Workers to deliver quality and timely services

KeNAAM focus is to build the capacity of partners to be able to deliver the mission of KeNAAM

You can contribute towards the ‘National Malaria Walk’ slotted for 5th October 2013 that is aimed at raising funds to buy insecticide treated nets

Become a partner of KeNAAM

KeNAAM activities are versatile; KeNAAM extends support to 33 malaria burdened counties in Kenya. In 2012, KeNAAM expanded to incorporate activities aimed at reducing maternal mortality and child morbidity. In KeNAAM, you will not miss a project that appeals to your organization and motivates your staff. You can chose from our variety of programs that range from malaria, child morbidity and maternal mortality reduction, community health workers empowerment and community health system strengthening to make a difference.

Link your product to KeNAAM

Donate (part) of the revenue of one of your products to support KeNAAM. Such donations will not only potentially increase the sale of your existing or new products, but they will also benefit communities that KeNAAM supports in the 33 malaria prone counties.

Show others that you support KeNAAM

The more KeNAAM’s life saving activities are brought to light, the better. You can become our friend or follower or like us on facebook and twitter. By doing this, you will have helped us spread KeNAAM’s vision and mission to as many people as possible.

Join KeNAAM’s Thought Process

Join us in implementing a Malaria CSR

Is your organization interested in addressing issues of malaria or maternal mortality and child morbidity? Does your organization have the technical expertise required to achieve this? This expertise is invaluable to KeNAAM. You can lend us a hand to us by thinking alongside us.

Participate in our Activities

KeNAAM seeks to implement sustainable and innovative programmes in line with its Vision of a malaria free Kenya. We aim to aim to bring from all walks of life and from various corporate backgrounds to participate in the National Malaria Walk scheduled for 5th October with an aim of fund raising to procure insecticide treated nest in order to ensure that children are protected from the devastating effects of malaria. Research shows that sleeping under instecticide treated nets has gone a long way in reducing the malaria deaths burden in Kenya.

For more information please contact
P.O.Box 788-00100 Nairobi,254 Kenya
Tel: 254 (0)20 202 3442